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ALERT: experience how automation & notifications can help software development teams focused on building code
    Friday October 12, 2012 10:30am - 1:00am @ Room Bruxelles

    The ALERT Project Consortium would like to invite team managers, decision makers and developers from Open Source Communities and Software Development Companies to our keynote to show them how to improve the overall bug resolution process in collaborative development environments at the 2012 Open World Forum to be held by October 12th at 10:00, in Paris.

    The workshop will give you the opportunity to:

    • Learn about ALERT project objective and main innovations,
    • Learn how ALERT can help you to improve collaboration tasks and triage processes for your development teams,
    • See how ALERT works and helps real users. The participation of ALERT project in the event will include real testimonials from two of the largest Open Source Communities in Europe, KDE and OW2 (Petals) who are also part of the consortium and will share their experience and feelings about using ALERT, focusing on how users’ needs are solved by ALERT Software, especially to:
      • see how the online source forge hosting market, or how companies seeking for project status or team management tools, can exploit paths for exploiting the ALERT results,
      • have a personal hands-on workshop after the keynote that will allow to you touch and test ALERT system with our engineers.

    ALERT aims at allowing a better cooperation in large and distributed software development companies and open source communities, providing several key technical benefits:

    • A better integration of issue information sources (bug reporting systems, emails, code repository, forums, etc.)
    • Enhanced understanding of issues in their software and the relationships between them (e.g. duplicate  reports)
    • Improved coordination by correctly allocating issues to teams and identifying developers with the expertise  to resolve them

    The main benefits of using ALERT system are:

    • The increase of productivity in code generation and testing process, by reducing time in responding to bug reports, and consequently improving the maintenance of software and reduction of costs, allowing increased competiveness and profits.
    • Developers can avoid wasting their time on manual repetitive tasks and letting them focus on what they like most, “Writing Beautiful Code”.
    • Team Managers can automatically assign the best Developer Profile for certain tasks or bugs and help Developers to quickly pick the best task for them (expertise profile) with the ALERT’s Task Recommendator and avoid wasting more time on tedious management tasks.
    • Developers can search the automatically created history of the project’s knowledge base of bugs and solutions and help Managers to have the overall high level vision of what it’s going on in the project.

    ALERT is a R&D project partially funded by European Commission through FP7 Program and the partners that form the ALERT consortium Forschungszentrum Informatik, Atos, KDE, Linagora, CIM Group, LibreSoft group at University of Rey Juan Carlos, Institut Josef Stefan, Greece Institute Communication and Computer System and Corvinno Technology Transfer Center

    For more information, please visit www.alert-project.eu and follow us in @AlertFP7


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