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    Friday October 12, 2012 12:00pm - 5:00pm @ Room Paris

    The Java track is where you want to be! From the future of the Java PaaS to BigData, with some Internet of Things on top, we'll cover a wide range of hot topics in the Java community. From the vision and forward-thinking of PaaS leaders such CloudBees and Google, to BigData pioneers in graph-oriented databases such as Neo4j or batch processing such as Apache Hadoop, come join the industry leaders and exchange with them freely.


    La track Java va vous permettre cette année de rencontrer les grands acteurs de la plateforme Java, depuis les leaders du PaaS tels que CloudBees ou Google, aux pionniers du BigData dans le domaine des bases orientées graphe telles que Neo4j ou du batch processing comme
    Apache Hadoop. Les talks sont orientés infrastructure afin d'entrer dans le vif du sujet pour les utilisateurs de Java, mais aussi de rester intéressants pour ceux qui évoluent dans d'autres langages et environnements.




    12h00 - 12h45

    Building an Open M2M community one step at a time, Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless


    It is widely agreed that there will be devices in the range of billions communicating with each other by the end of this decade. From the alarm system in your house, to your power-meter being part of a smart grid, to the ATM around the corner, every object of your life will soon be connected to the Internet of Things, if not already.

    This connected world is at the crossroads of various ecosystems that the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group aims at bridging.


    On one hand are the IT and telco industries, that already are connecting devices together by means of usually closed software platforms and communication protocols. These industries have an incredible experience at designing solutions tailored to their vertical businesses, but today's challenge is to break down the silos preventing the emergence of the true Internet of Things: every object should virtually be accessible from anywhere.

    On the other hand, there are many providers of great end-user services that are waiting for platforms allowing them to create their own applications using these services, that they can distribute on their own markets and via social networks.

    Lastly, the Open Hardware and hobbyists movements are a place where a lot of innovation happens: bleeding edge technologies, passionate developers that can, and will, make Internet of Things not only successful, but also fun.


    If you want to learn what is cooking at Eclipse in terms of tools and frameworks for M2M development, how we get the aforementioned communities actively involved, and the business models that this Open M2M stack is enabling, then this talk is for you!


    14h00 - 14h45 :

    New Opportunities for Connected Data, Ian Robinson, Neotechnology


    Today's complex data is not only big, but also semi-structured and densely connected. In this session we'll look at how size, structure and connectedness have converged to transform the data landscape, resulting in the birth of the many NOSQL databases. We'll then go on to look at some of the new opportunities for creating end-user value that have emerged in a world of connected data, illustrated with practical examples implemented using Neo4j, the world's leading graph database.


    14h45 - 15h30 :

    Le cloud - Etre ou ne pas être, Sacha Labourey, CloudBees


    Au cours de 5 prochaines années, le Cloud Computing va impacter l'ensemble des métiers de l'informatique, du développeur à l'ingénieur système.

    Durant cette présentation, nous couvrirons ce que signifie le Cloud Computing pour les développeurs en particulier, les conséquences d'un changement de paradigme d'une ère du logiciel à une ère du service et observerons quels sont les gains de compétitivité dont on peut bénéficier - et les nouvelles formes de compétition que l'on peut dores et déjà observer. Finalement, si le temps le permet, une application complète sera créé, testée et déployée dans le cloud.


    15h30 - 16h15 

    Google AppEngine en 2012 et au delà, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine,Google, Developer Relations & Didier Girard, SFEIR, Cloud Google Developer Expert


    Le pionnier du PaaS s’améliore sans cesse avec le rajout régulier de services (recherche full-text, endpoint mobiles, CloudSQL, etc.) tout en offrant désormais des datacenters en Europe. Cette session a pour objectif de faire le point sur le cru 2012 de Google AppEngine Java et de ses évolutions, notamment avec Google Compute Engine, tout en illustrant le propos d’expériences concrètes de mise en oeuvre de ces technologies.


    16h15 - 17h00 :

    Powering Hadoop and Big Data with Eclipse, Cédric Carbone, Talend


    Enterprises are faced with ever increasing amounts of data, and problems related to volume and usage demands have forced IT managers and developers to seek out new solutions. Fortunately, this has resulted in an explosion of innovation in massively parallel processing and non-relational data storage. Apache Hadoop, an open source software platform, has quickly become the technology of choice for large organizations in need of sophisticated analysis and transformation of petabytes of structured and complex data.


    Cédric Carbone will discuss how users can access, manipulate and store huge volumes of data in Hadoop and benefit from high-performance, cost-optimized data integration with ultimate scalability.


    During this session, attendees will learn how to:


    • Leverage the explosive growth of data

    • Deploy and tap into the powerful architecture of Hadoop thanks to an Eclipse based graphical interface • Process massive data volumes through a combination of Hadoop and open source architecture

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