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    Friday October 12, 2012 7:00pm - 10:00pm @ Auditorium

    Pour toute inscription à la Google TV Party, rendez-vous ici !


    First talk will be an introduction to Google TV, covering what Google TV is, the basics of what you need to know to target the GTV platform for Chrome and Android and finally go over some useful API's.


    Break with a demo AR Drone to demonstrate the power of GTV & Android since the AR.Drone can be powered by phones and tablets while streaming video to the TV.

    The second talk will be heavily Android focused, looking at the anymote protocol and API used for multi screen applications and some of the new API's for DRM and streaming support.

    IT engineer, Cédric markets as a salesman, for more than 13...

    As a developer advocate at Google, Matt works with developers...

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