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Open Source Web Applications on the Cloud
    Thursday October 11, 2012 11:00am - 2:00pm @ Room Milan

    While Open-Source is very powerful in the infrastructure and desktop area, the Applications market is more challenging but there are many successful Open Source Web Applications. This track will gather some major Web Application providers that deliver their applications as Open Source packages and as Software as a Service offerings. The sessions of this track will cover the technology and use cases of these Web Applications as well as the Open Source business models of the companies providing the services.



    5 Open Source and Open Cloud Application Providers will cover the following subjects:

    • Your application and its uses
    • Why an open source and cloud offer
    • What is your business model


    A round table on "Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud for the Open Source editors" with up to 6 participants:


    11h - 11H05 - Ludovic Dubost (XWiki SAS)

    11h05-11h25 - Olivier Nepomiachty (SugarCRM)

    11h25-11h45 - Ludovic Dubost (XWiki SAS)

    11h50-12h10 - Tugdual Grall (ExoPlatform)

    12h15-12h35 - Alain Escaffre (Nuxeo)

    12h40-13h00 - Marnix Coenaerts (OpenERP)

    13h05-14h - Table ronde : All + Patrik Sallner (SkySQL)

    Alain Escaffre a rejoint Nuxeo en 2007, peu après le switch...

    Marketing and communication manager

    Jonathan Le Lous is Solutions Infrastructure Director and Cloud...

    Software solution sales professional with 20 years of experience...

    Olivier Népomiachty est évangéliste à SugarCRM. Il intervient...

    Patrik Sallner est chargé de piloter la prochaine phase de développement...

    Tugdual Grall possède plus de 15 années d'expérience dans...

    Universe Think

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